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As a digital designer, I focus on user experience, visual design and the development of projects. From an intuitive user flow to great typography combination: I’ll help you achieve your creative dreams.


Art direction
I design authentic visual identities that boosts your brand's presence and creates meaningful relationships with your users and customers. It’s my goal to provide you with strategic and visionary guidance, leading the overall aesthetic and creative direction of your brand to ensure results that truly capture your vision.
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Web development

Webflow is a visual code editor that allows me to design and build your website. The one you’re on right now is also made in Webflow. I use Webflow to develop all my websites. This way, I keep an eye on every detail of the process.
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UX/UI design

Visual design
UX design shapes how users navigate your digital product. In UI design your brand's visual identity merges with your customers' needs. Resulting in visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that captivate your audience and make a lasting positive impression.
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Let's get in touch

Curious to discover what we can create together? Or do you want to spar with me about your design questions or project?

Let’s connect! You can schedule a free 30 minute call with me through the button below. I can also be reached via email  hi@emmakoole.com or telephone +31 6 43 96 94 39.

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